Audit Bureau of Media Consumption Singapore (ABC) is a private limited company incorporated in Singapore in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, Cap. 185. The Company is jointly owned by-
• Advertising Media Owners Association Singapore (AMOS)
• Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As)
• Singapore Advertisers Association (SAA)

The audit bureau in Singapore was previously known as Media Circulations Services (MCS) and was established in 1984 to provide independent audit and certification of the circulation of publications to ensure that circulation claims are authentic and comparable. This will enable the accurate evaluation of media and aid the buying and selling of advertising space. The Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore approved the change in name and this took effect from January 2007. The new name brings Singapore industry body in line with the naming of similar organizations internationally and aptly describes the role as an audit bureau.

ABC Singapore is a not-for-profit organization and is controlled by a Board of Directors with equal representation from the three constituent associations.

ABC Singapore is a member of the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC) and subscribes to its objectives and by-laws. For information on IFABC visit www.ifabc.org

  To ensure that circulation audits are conducted on a standard and uniform basis, ABC sends to each subscriber publication in advance of the particular audit period, forms for completion and inspection by ABC Auditor. On completion of satisfactory audit, ABC issues to the publication the ABC Certificate of Audited Circulation covering the period audited and publish the results.

Any publisher or media owner may subscribe to ABC audit. Our professional auditors using standard audit procedures for each category of subscriber ensure that audited figure are both authentic and comparable. Thus ABC protects the advertiser, the advertising agency and the subscriber from false claims at the same time furnishing the subscriber with a certifying document the authenticity of which should be accepted by all who purchase space in member publications.
  ABC also provides audit and certification of exhibitions, trade shows and other non-traditional media. In 1996 IFABC formed a WWW Standards Committee to set Web Measurement Standards. This committee is constantly reviewing the changes that are taking place and updating the standards to new electronic medium. ABC offers web and e- audits in accordance with the international standards established by IFABC.

An ABC audit is independent, reliable and accepted by the advertising industry.
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